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BCSO Blotter: Man says $100,000 worth of coins stolen

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Burglary: A Harveytown Road man said Jan. 25 someone “entered his residence on this date through an unlocked door and took the listed items when no one was home.” The value of the items, apparently coins, stolen were “somewhere in the area of $100,000.” Nothing else was taken except a pellet gun and the home didn’t appear to be ransacked, the report said.

Disrupting a public school: A deputy was sent to talk to Richmond Hill Middle School administrators on Jan. 17 after a man got onto a school bus that morning to “address everyone on the bus concerning an incident that took place the previous day in which (his) son was kicked in the back.”

Security video on the bus showed the man telling the bus driver he was going to follow the bus to the next bus stop so everyone could see his face, “and further states that if this happens again, they are going to have to deal with him,” according to the report.

At the next stop, video showed the man and his wife got on and the wife “starts to address all of the students on the bus in a loud and threatening manner,” the report said.

At the bottom of the incident report narrative was a note that the bus driver, who talked to deputies at a later time, said “as she pulled up to a bus stop she saw the father “in his police uniform, standing next to his marked police car.”

The report does not specify which police department the man works for.

Vehicle fires: Deputies responded to a pair of vehicle fires over the past few days. One was Jan. 19 at mile marker 138.5 on I-16 eastbound, where a man said he was driving his 2004 BMW when “he noticed that the rear of his vehicle had started smoking,” a report said.

The man got out, opened the trunk, “at which point the vehicle ‘exploded.’” Bryan County firefighters put it out, the car was towed and the owner got a lift with the wrecker owner.

On Jan. 18, a man reported his 2005 Chevrolet “began to“shake” on I-16 “and he pulled over at mile marker 146. He said he got out of the car to check and noticed that the front driver’s side tire was on fire.”

The man got his family out and then called 911. His car was towed.

Matter of record: A South Bryan woman reported Jan. 29 that she let her 14-year-old son drive their van into the garage to park it. “(She) was standing in front of the vehicle as it proceeded into the garage pinning her between the wall and vehicle along with an old wooden desk,” the report said. She was taken to Memorial by Bryan County Fire and Emergency Service.

Matter of record: An Ellabell woman called BCSO shortly after midnight Jan. 25 to report barking dogs.

The woman told the deputy who responded “she had enough with the dogs barking next door,” and that she was pregnant and needed to rest. She also said she’d called Animal Control “and they didn’t do anything about it and that’s why I called you guys tonight to file a complaint,” the report said.

Deputies spoke with the neighbors and told them to keep the dogs quiet.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to another Ellabell home around 2:30 a.m. Jan. 25 for complaints of a barking dog, but “we didn’t hear any dogs barking,” the report said. “After we left dispatch called us again to return back to the scene. Upon arrival we heard the dog barking.”

Deputies then woke up the homeowner, who “went to get his son who owned the dog. The owner of the dog said he spoke with animal control previously and animal control advised him to get shelter and bedding for the dog. The owner said he will get paid on Friday and he will get a shelter for the dog. He said he will go to feed the dog and try to keep him quiet.”

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