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BCSO blotter: Man calls 911 to threaten deputies
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports.

Matter of record: This occurred around 8:18 a.m. May 17 when “deputies went to assist RHPD units with checking (a Richmond Hill residence) reference someone calling and making threats,” according to a deputy’s narrative. “The call was in reference to a male party calling 911 and stating he wanted to kill law enforcement officers especially deputies. The Sheriff was notified by myself and dispatch of the ongoing incident. (The caller) had made statements that deputies had taken him in for mental evaluations and he was going to get even. All officers had surrounded the residence that he was coming back to but he no longer lived there and a new address in Midway was showing up for him. The call was transferred to Liberty County.”

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill woman reported May 17 that someone opened her door and stuck his head inside, then left when he heard her dogs barking and an alarm go off. The man, who was driving a white van, was described as being white, about 60, and wearing “a blue plaid shirt, blue jeans, a black apron and a black mesh cowboy hat.”

Video was taken as evidence. 

Drugs, etc: A deputy was sent to a Highway 280 convenience store on May 16 to “give a courtesy ride” to a man who asked for a lift to Garden City.

“Upon my arrival,” wrote the deputy, “I asked the individual if he had any guns, knives, rugs, hand grenades or rocket launchers on him, and he advised there was a handgun in his bag.”

The deputy got the gun and the man’s Florida driver’s license and learned the man wasn’t wanted for anything and his license was good. In addition, the gun was clean.

The deputy then searched the rest of the bag before letting the man in his patrol vehicle, and “located a small blue container containing a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana….” The deputy then found “54 peach in color pills” in a small jar and noted the man started to act nervous and “asking if he could leave.”

As the search continued, the man told deputies “there was a pipe he used to smoke methamphetamine inside his pack,” and then admitted to have meth, which deputies found hidden in a cigarette pack as well as two glass pipes. He was taken to jail. “Several knives were logged into the property room for safekeeping.”

Brandishing a firearm: An Ellabell man reported May 12 “he was talking to his neighbor across the street when a (man) started yelling at him to come over to (a nearby residence).”

The complainant said he refused and “stood in his yard with his pocket knife out, cleaning his finger nails, when (the man) yelled back over at him, ‘oh, you got a knife,’ then (he) pulled out a 9mm pistol. (He) did not point the gun just pulled it out.”

The deputy tried to talk to the man with the pistol but he was gone.

Meth, DUI: A deputy on patrol May 12 spotted a car turn onto Wade Carter Road “traveling in the middle of the roadway,” and conducted a traffic stop. That’s when the driver started yelling at the deputy, asking him “why I was pulling him over.”

The driver also was fidgety, but agreed to take a field sobriety test which he apparently flunked. During the process, the deputy found a hypodermic needle, glass pipes and a “small bag of crystal-like substance that field tested positive for Methamphetamine” was found behind the ashtray. The driver “refused to conduct a blood draw, stating that he was going to jail anyway.”

Simple battery: Deputies were sent May 12 to an Ellabell address regarding a fight between a mother and her son. The mother said it began when they argued over a phone “he was not supposed to have,” and so she went in his room and found it.

At some point, she also said she smelled “vape in his room,” and there was some wrestling over possession of the phone, and at some point she bit her son on the shoulder, according to the report. The woman was “heavily intoxicated from alcohol,” and was arrested for being the aggressor.

Trespass: A Pembroke man reported May 16 “he noticed some trash in his driveway when he got home today,” and then “reported that some squash was missing from his garden. (He) advised that he wanted his house watched during the day.”

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