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BCSO blotter: Deputies can't get between man and his music
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Obstruction: A 32-year-old Maryland man was arrested Jan. 9 in Richmond Hill after deputies were called to Harbour Lane shortly before 11 a.m. to “a standing vehicle in the roadway driven by a white male who was screaming at himself.” 

The reporting deputy noted 911 told him “the driver was getting in and out of his vehicle and screaming, and once the deputy got there he saw the man’s car and the driver, “seated in the driver’s seat,” with “his music bluetoothed to a speaker box with loud rap music playing. (He) was screaming the lyrics to the song as he sat behind the driver’s wheel of the vehicle.”
Attempts to talk the driver were not successful, since he wouldn’t acknowledge the deputy’s presence.  

“Instead (the man) would read the lyrics to his song on a set of 5x8 cards he was holding. (He) continued to scream the lyrics to the song,” and “(his) hands were twitching erratically as if he were under the influence of an unknown narcotic.” 

Bryan County Ems arrived but the man still wouldn’t talk, and eventually two deputies hoisted him from out of the car and he was eventually placed on a stretcher so EMS could check his vitals.  

“As Bryan County EMS were in the process of taking his vitals,” (he) began to speak to first responders in a more coherent manner,” the report said, adding that the man said he didn’t first speak to law enforcement because “’he was in his zone,’’ the report continued. 

The man turned down a ride to the hospital and was arrested for DUI drugs and obstruction. 

 Speeding, suspended license: A deputy running radar shortly after midnight Jan. 8 clocked a car on Highway 280 doing 102 mph, so a traffic stop ensued. The driver, a Savannah teen, was asked why he was going so fast and the passenger and vehicle owner, the teen’s cousin, responded that he was “teaching him how to drive and that he was showing him what the car would do.” 

The teen said he didn’t have a license and “has never had one in the state of Georgia,” but a check of his name and date of birth showed his license had been suspended “for an unrelated traffic offense in another jurisdiction,” the report said, noting the teen “was unaware of any suspensions due to him never having a driver’s license.”
The deputy explained he could still have his driving privileges suspended, and a search of the vehicle turned up two firearms, neither of which was reported stolen. The teen was arrested, the vehicle was turned over to the owner. 

DUI: A deputy headed west on Belfast Keller Road around 10:38 p.m. Jan. 8 saw a big pickup with a Texas tag being driven erratically before he pulled it over near the Tivoli River bridge.  

The driver was acting erratically too, so the deputy called for backup then went to talk the driver, who “honked the horn of his vehicle” as the deputy got out of his vehicle, and “appeared nervous,” then told the deputy “he was scared in reference to the stop and began telling me that he was traveling to meet his friend. The deputy saw the “had clammy skin and frantic movements of his arm and hands, searching the vehicle for his license and insurance information.” 

The deputy told the man why he had been pulled over, and the man said he was driving weirdly because he had brand new tires. While checking the man’s license, the deputy could “hear (him) yelling ‘officer’ inside of his vehicle,” and when the deputy returned to the man’s pickup, “(the man) appeared to be startled by (the deputy) being beside him, and then said “’there were a lot of lights.’” 

The man told the deputy he was heading to Florida to meet his father and had “missed a gas station in Pooler, the travel center and Love’s in Richmond Hill and was trying to get diesel. (He) then said that he was under medication for Mania and was taking Lithium.” 

Additional deputies arrived and after a field sobriety test arrested the man for DUI drugs, etc. He was taken to Bryan County Jail. The pickup was towed. 

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address around 2:47 p.m. “concerning the guardianship of the complainant’s elderly mother.”

The complainant said she’d just gotten into an argument with her stepfather because “she would not let him drop of her mother … unless she had legal guardianship of her.” 

The complainant told the deputy her stepfather and mother had recently been evicted and her stepfather “has tried to ‘dump her mother’ on family members, neighbors and friends.’” The complainant got a case number. 

 Found property: A Highway 204 man reported Jan. 7 that “earlier today he went to his mailbox and found a pistol laying in his ditch. (He) stated he picked up the weapon, unloaded it, and placed it in his garage and phoned the police.” 

A check of the weapon came back with “no record found,” and it was taken to BCSO for safekeeping. 

 Damage to property: A man at a Wilma Edwards Road church reported Jan. 2 that “he noticed busted windows and several holes in the siding of the church during the morning service.” 

The damage appeared to have been done by a BB gun, according to the report. 

 Shoplifting: A liquor store owner reported Dec. 31 he had videotape of “an unknown white couple stealing three bottles of  liquor.” 

They stole a bottle of Crown Royal, a bottle of Kahlua and a bottle of Fireball, the report said, worth $91. The man was unsure of who they were, but was going to get the tag number “as he believed they were regular customers.

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