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BCSO Blotter: Bedridden woman tormented by unruly juveniles

From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Unruly juveniles: An Ellabell woman called BCSO on March 16 to report “(she) is battling cancer, just had surgery and is bedridden for a little while,” a report said. "(She) advised us that three of her sons were taking advantage of her sickness, stealing things out of her room while she lay sick and sleeping in her bed. (She) states that the three boys have been taking food items from her room, her cell phone, and video games that belong to the other children.” The woman also said she “just wanted to see if we could talk to the three of them and make them understand how these incidents could land them in the juvenile justice system and into court,” the report said.

So, a deputy had a talk with the kids.

“All three stated to (the deputy) that they would refrain from this activity and would be better and mind their mother.”

Threats: An Ellabell man reported March 17 his neighbor “has been making threats to him via Instagram.” The man said the threats “include dragging his face across the asphalt and telling (the man) not to get caught walking in the neighborhood.” The man said the threats were actually made a few days earlier, but he called deputies because his neighbor was patrolling the neighborhood “as if (the neighbor) was looking for him to inflict harm.”

He got a case number.

Theft by taking: A Pembroke woman reported March 17 that a man took $210 from her purse and withdrew another $140 using her debit card “to go buy cocaine.”

The woman said “when she confronted him about it he attempted to drive off in her car and she stabbed the tire with a knife to flatten it so he couldn’t leave.

She said he drove off on a flat tire, and he did not have a license.”

The woman also said “the car was her’s and she had just bought those tires so her stabbing it was OK.”

As the deputy was talking to the complainant the man called 911 and said he wanted to meet deputies at a convenience store to tell his side of the story, but the man couldn’t be found. The complainant was given a case number.

DUI: A deputy stopped at a convenience store on Highway 17 shortly before 6 a.m. March 9 and found a car parked near some trash cans with a man slumped over the steering wheel. The deputy woke the man up, and he “set up and looked around. (The deputy) identified myself to the driver and told him to roll down the window. The driver then grabbed a can of dip and attempted to dial it like a phone.”

Eventually, the man rolled the window down and stated, “’what’s going on?’” the report said, and when the deputy asked him if he was OK and for his license, “he tried to hand me his tobacco dip can.”

The deputy pointed out the man’s wallet sitting on his center console, and the man handed over a Virginia license that had expired in March 2018. In addition, “there was a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and possible feces coming from the car,” the report said.

The man told the deputy he’d been to Savannah but had gotten sleepy on the way home, and when asked if he had weapons in the car said no, “he did not own any guns or weapons and did not have any in his car.”

Eventually, as the man was looking for his phone the deputy spotted a pistol. “I asked (the man) why he stated that he didn’t have any weapons several times,” and “(he) stated that the pistol was for his protection. (He) stated that he forgot the pistol was in the car.” The deputy found the 9 millimeter Ruger with two loaded magazines and “a whiskey flask with an alcoholic beverage inside.”

The man was arrested, and told the deputy he’d gone out drinking because it was his birthday and he was lonely. The deputy gave the man, apparently a soldier, his cell phone to call his commanding officer to drive his car home for him.

“(The man) and deputies attempted several calls to his superiors in order to find someone to drive it home. I was advised by his sergeant that they would not be able to pick up the car (for the man). I advised (the man) that his car was going to be towed …. (He) began to get angry and stated that’s why he got a DUI and will get kicked out of the Army because all of his commanders are home drunk unable to help him.”

After refusing a blood test, the man began to get angry and “stated that he did not have a gun in his possession and that he was being set up,” the report said, “(He) again stated that it wasn’t fair that he gets arrested while his superiors that he called for help are home drunk and refused assistant to him. ‘HOO RAH!!’” The deputy told the man his pistol would be logged as evidence and he could pick it up after he got out of jail. He came back later in the afternoon along with his first sergeant, and got his pistol, holster and two magazines.

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