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Assaulted woman in near-death condition
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Pembroke resident Audrey Tuten, 72, was fighting for her life at Memorial Hospital on Tuesday after being assaulted by her son, according to the Pembroke Police Department.

Here’s what happened according to PPD Det. Daniel Woodcock:

Just after 2 p.m. on Monday, Pembroke resident Clinton Craig Neesmith, 51, was driving home from Statesboro when he asked his mother, who was a passenger in the vehicle, to buy him beer.

"When she refused to, he began beating her with his fist while driving and the violent act continued until they reached the El Cheapo in Pembroke," Woodcock said.

Woodcock said Neesmith pulled into the El Cheapo and he then allegedly shoplifted a 24-ounce beer.

"Someone called an ambulance for Ms. Tuten and EMS ended up calling the police," Woodcock said.

PPD officers Matt Lynn and Donald Thompson responded to the scene and arrested an uncooperative and intoxicated Neesmith. He is currently being held at Bryan County Jail. A bond had not been set as of Tuesday.

Among the charges Neesmith faces are aggravated assault, shoplifting, DUI, driving without a license, refusing to sign a citation and robbery for stealing his mother’s checkbook. Woodcock said Neesmith has "a pretty thick rap sheet."

Woodcock said Tuten is in critical condition at Memorial Hospital due to head trauma. He also said Neesmith may face additional charges pending an ongoing investigation.

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