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Woman rewarded with free pizza for a year after returning $5K in cash to Dominos
Sometimes honesty pays off in the form of pizza. That's what one woman learned when she discovered a different kind of dough in her Domino's pizza box. - photo by Jessica Ivins
SAN JOSE, Calif. Sometimes honesty pays off in the form of pizza. Copious amounts of pizza.

Selena Avalos thought she was digging into bread sticks and chicken wings when the Dominos box shed ordered arrived last week. So imagine her surprise when she opened it to find a big stack of bills nearly $5,000, to be exact.

Im a manager myself, and I do deposits, Avalos told KGO-TV. I assumed right away it was their deposits.

Avalos immediately called the downtown San Jose Dominos that filled her order to inform it of the mix-up, but three days passed and she still hadn't heard back from anyone.

Wouldnt they be thinking, Where did that money go? Avalos said. I was like, 'I cant keep it, its a crazy amount of money.' Its not like $20 that you find, you know?

When she finally grew tired of waiting to receive a call, she went to KGO-TV for help. The news station was able to contact staff members at Dominos corporate, who were able to connect Avalos with the owner of the San Jose franchise.

A driver came to pick up the dough, and the franchise owner gifted Avalos free pizza for an entire year to thank her for her honesty.

If unlimited cheese and carbs werent enough, her employer Spacetel Wireless granted her a week of paid vacation as a reward, KGO-TV reported.
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