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What Your Man Really Perceives with the Emojis You Use in Your Texts
Just ask your man to tell you the meaning of some emoji you use frequently. Youll be surprised to know the answer is entirely different than the purpose you use it for. Here is how your man deciphers the emojis you send. - photo by Diana Clark
When was the last time you sent a text message without emojis? Those little guys have become inevitable in texting. We use them to make sure our texts dont appear too mean, to convey emotion and so much more.

If youre anything like me, you probably have a few favorite emojis that you use all the time. Its easy to insert an emoji and hit the send button, but did you ever wonder if a person on the receiving end knows what you really meant? Your boyfriend or husband may be perceiving those emoticons differently than you do. Seriously!


Even though he'd never admit it, your man probably prefers getting a heart emoji than any other. Why? Hearts are easy to understand, they're easy to decipher and they signify you're in a good mood. While other emojis can mean different things to you and your guy, hearts are straightforward.

Multiple emojis
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