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Video: Police stop car with 15-foot tree stuck in grille
The car with a 15-foot-tree stuck in its grille. - photo by Natalie Crofts
ROSELLE, Illinois Crashing into a tree would cause most people to stop driving, but it didnt seem to bother at least one driver in Illinois.

The sight of a car driving down Roselle Road in Roselle, Illinois, with almost an entire 15-foot tree embedded in its grille was so odd that a local officer decided to stop the driver and see what was going on, according to the Roselle Police Department. Investigators said he discovered the driver, who was arrested on suspicion of driving impaired under the influence of alcohol, had continued driving on a busy road even though their airbags had deployed.

The incident happened sometime in February, but the police department just posted video of the encounter on its Facebook page Monday. It is impressive to note that the police department just decided to start using Facebook on March 2, only two days before its first viral post with photos of the tree stuck in the cars grille.

Since we are new to Facebook, we were not quite sure what to expect from our (first) post, the police department wrote on its Facebook page. We have received requests to post the video from this call. Some just didn't believe it was true.

The video had been viewed more than 723,000 times by Wednesday morning. The police department remarked that is it yet another reason why you should not drink and drive!
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