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The Clean Cut: People ages 6 to 105 answer the question, 'What is your purpose in life?'
Youtube screenshot. - photo by Kelsey Schwab
A group of people ages 6-105 was asked the question, What is your purpose in life?

This week, SoulPancake, a creative agency, released a video highlighting a variety of inspirational answers to this question.

Some people replied that their purpose was linked to their family roles, such as being a mother or a spouse. Some tied their purpose to the gifts and talents they contribute to the world, while others said they are still trying to find their purpose.

Many said that their purpose is to be a mentor, make others happy and exchange love. One young man pointed out that theres something deeper than what car you drive and how nice you look.

The video ends with the answer from an 84-year-old woman.

To live the best life you can with as much enthusiasm as you can so that other people will benefit by your having lived, she said.

SoulPancake uploads new videos every week that make you think, laugh and cry and figure out what it means to be human, according to the description on the SoulPancake YouTube channel.

Watch the video on Youtube here.
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