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The Clean Cut: Family of 7 adopts cancer victims 3 kids, receives huge surprise
Emotions are high as the family receives their surprise - photo by Brooke Facer
Audrey, a cancer patient, asked her neighbor Tisha Beauchmin to watch her children while she had some tests done, but she never imagined where that simple request could lead.

In a video from FOX5 Las Vegas Surprise Squad, Elizabeth Thames, who nominated the family for its surprise, says, The test results came back that she had stage 2 esophageal and stomach cancer. Audrey had asked Tisha to be the legal guardian of her kids. It wasnt much longer than that Audrey passed away.

She thought for sure she had another year to live, and now Im trying to become a foster mom so I can become their mom, says Beauchmin in the video.

Beauchmin, who was in foster care herself as a child, took the three children into her own family to join her five children. Theyve been through too much; they deserve a loving family and a place to call home, she says in the video.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad gets the family to leave the house by telling them it is putting up a new wall to create a bedroom from a loft space, but it does so much more.

See the full video here.
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