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How to keep kids young
You're only a kid once, so try to keep them one as long as possible! - photo by Megan Shauri
Kids seem to be in such a hurry to grow up now a days. There is always some milestone they are trying to achieve so they can grow and move on with life. Your kids childhood goes by fast enough as it is so dont help it go by any faster than it needs to. Of course, there are sometimes unforeseen and unstoppable circumstances and events that do cause kids to grow up quickly, but you should try to do everything in your power to keep them young despite what is going on in the world. Heres how.

Keep the magic alive

Having your kids believe in things that arent real, in places that dont exist and people that were created from someones imagination keeps them young. Seeing a child with such pure belief in something that you know is not real is the epitome of childhood. It gives them joy, hope and happiness. It is a perfect way to keep the magic of childhood alive.

Nurture their imagination

Childhood is when imaginations develop, grow and expand. It is important to nurture and foster kids imaginations. Believing in something spectacular opens a whole new world for young minds. When kids believing anything is possible, it creates a limitless environment where they can create characters, enchanting lands and where anything can happen. If we tell kids that magic isnt real, and what they see in movies is fake, it cuts their creativity. Instead read to them, take them to the playground, help them with crafts and create your own adventures. This is what helps their imagination grow and develop.

Keep the innocence alive

If believing that Santa Clause, Mickey Mouse and the Easter Bunny are real means they stay innocent a bit longer, then let them. That pure sweetness and trust that kids have is precious and something to cherish, not destroy. They will learn soon enough about reality and disappointment, but the longer you can keep them pure and innocent, do it; it keeps them young.

Keep in mind theyre only kids once

Bottom line, your kids are only kids once. You owe it to them to prolong their childhood for as long as possible. They have the rest of their lives to be adults. To watch violence, hear profanity, know that cartoons are not real and just grow up. It is not immature, silly or dumb to believe in magic. It is something that only happens for a short amount of time, so try and keep it as long there as possible. Teach them, help them grow and understand, but dont be too hard on them or expect too much. Let them be happy.

Keeping your kids young is a special gift you can give them. If you let your kids live in the magic for as long as possible, it is easier to return to that place later in life. Any time they watch a childhood movie, hear and old song or go to Disneyland they can be reminded of their childhood, and relive those special memories...memories you created with them. So keep them young and build memories to last a lifetime.
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