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Have You Seen This? Tiny Hamster feels Disney World magic
No Caption - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE MAGIC KINGDOM As you know, the Internet is a strange and twisted place where unconventional people and animals garner fortune and glory.

That being said, it should be no surprise to anyone that a tiny hamster named Tiny Hamster became Internet popular last year for eating tiny professionally prepared food. You may even remember his first and most popular video, Tiny Hamster Eating a Tiny Burrito, which has been viewed over 10 million times.

Thats some great exposure and a proven fandom, but you know something or someone is truly Internet famous when Disney invites you to one of their parks. So come with me and youll see a world of pure imagination as experienced by Tiny Hamster.

The video covers all the highlights of any good Disney trip, such as seeing Mickey Mouse and getting his autograph; eating churros and Dole whips; and riding iconic rides the The Mad Teaparty. The only difference is tiny versions of these activities were created in the real park so Tiny Hamster could enjoy the magic on his own level.

It is equal part silly and delightful, like any good Internet video worth its salt should be.

For more Tiny Hamster happiness, visit his YouTube channel, Hello Denizen.
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