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Have You Seen This? The littlest haka
You dont have to be big to still do a convincing war dance. - photo by Angie Treasure

NEW ZEALAND You dont have to be big to still do a convincing war dance.

Video of a toddler doing the haka is going viral because theres nothing like seeing the traditional war dance of the Maori people of New Zealand done by someone too little to tie their shoes.

In the video originally posted to Facebook by Herea Winitana of Omaio, New Zealand, baby Atutahi puts on his best scary face and stomps out the cutest haka weve seen while his dad does the traditional chant.

Hari huritau, the post says, which was in honor of Atutahis birthday.

The haka has been adopted by many of New Zealands professional sporting clubs as a part of their pregame ritual. Utah which has a sizeable Polynesian population has had its sports teams implement the dance pregame. But its safe to say, seeing linebackers do the haka is not quite as impressive as watching little Atutahi.
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