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Have You Seen This? Hysterical man sets new Plinko record
This man has enough energy to power himself to the moon, so its a pure delight to watch him set a new Plinko winnings record on The Price Is Right. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE STAGE If you grew up in America, there was nothing better than watching The Price Is Right on sick days it was even better than missing school.

There were always key moments to anticipate such as Rod Roddy announcing that someone was playing for a new car, the big wheel spin, and the showcase showdown.

However, there is one game that is hands down the most beloved game on The Price Is Right, and that game is Plinko. In fact, if youre favorite game isnt Plinko, you are wrong. Theres just something about the anticipation as the tokens plink-plink their way at random to fortune or bust.

There is nothing better than Plinko in the world. Nothing. Nothing, said Ryan Belz, who set a new record this week for most money won in Plinko.

As youll see in the video, Belz stole the show even before he set the Plinko winnings record with a tour-de-force of enthusiasm. In fact, when he gained access to The Price Is Right stage by using the famous $1 bid strategy, he took a high-five run through the entire audience. When it was revealed Belz was going to play Plinko, his incredulity and yelling hit an infectious fever pitch.

Belz used his skills as a Target employee to win all five Plinko tokens. He ultimately won $31,500, hitting the $10,000 slot three times, which set a new record for the game. It couldnt have happened to a bigger superfan, who told CBC Radio that he even arranges his class schedule at Penn State so he wont miss an episode.

The video shows the whole segment, but if you just want to catch just the Plinko play, skip to the 1:55 mark.
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