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Have You Seen This? Dragon catches fire during Disney World parade
Parade watchers at Disney World got quite the surprise when the fire-breathing dragon started spewing flames out of the top of its head. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
ORLANDO If you have a lot of time to spend at Disney World, catching one of the parades is a great way to sit back and enjoy the magic. But several parkgoers got a bit more of a spectacle than they were expecting when a fire-breathing dragon began spewing flames out of the top of its head.

In dramatic footage of the event, crowds of people are seen watching Disney World's "Festival of Fantasy" parade Friday afternoon. As the familiar "Sleeping Beauty" songs ring through the air, cast members dressed as the three good fairies dance around, Prince Phillip waves at the crowd and a massive, Maleficent-themed dragon lurks in the background.

Then, the music turns more sinister. The dragon approaches, and it's clear something is wrong. Though the dragon is supposed to breathe fire, it's not supposed to have flames shooting out of its head and neck.

"The dragon came in front of us and the cast members were dancing in front of it, but they kept looking back. We thought it was part of the show that they were looking concerned about a fire-breathing dragon," the person who captured the video wrote. "Next thing you know, the fire is coming out of the top of the head and it starts spewing oil everywhere. Tons of people started screaming and running."

It sounds like the Disney World crew was able to extinguish the fire and get the scene cleaned up pretty quickly, but I'm sure it was scary for everyone who witnessed the fire. Fortunately, no one was injured, according to ABC News, and hopefully, Disney will make sure this never happens again.
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