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Disney releases behind the scenes cartoon video narrated by Jungle Book Lead.
No Caption - photo by Koster Kennard
In April, Disney released a live-action version of the classic movie "The Jungle Book."

On Sunday, they released an animated YouTube video narrated by Neel Sethi, who plays America's favorite man-cub Mowgli in the 2016 film.

In the video, Sethi talks about how there were no actual animals in the movie for him to interact with. Instead, there were men in blue suits who would act out the animals' motions and tell them where to go.

"There were puppeteers that just acted as much as they could to be like Baloo or Bagheera, and I would just imagine it was someone else," Sethi said in the video. "That literally just became an everyday thing for me and it's just like second nature."

He was amazed, when he saw the trailer, by how realistic the animals that the animators had created appeared to be.

"Basically, the whole movie was imagining," says Sethi in the video. "Without my imagination there would be no acting and I would just be looking at a wall and thinking it's just a wall and it's not an animal or anything and I'd just be like 'Hello, I'm scared, bye'."

Watch the video on YouTube here.
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