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Book review: 'The Mariposa Hotel' offers trio of resort romances
"The Mariposa Hotel" is a Tangerine Street Romance novel told in three parts by Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson and Heather B. Moore. - photo by Melissa DeMoux
"THE MARIPOSA HOTEL: A Tangerine Street Romance, Book 3," by Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson and Heather B. Moore, Mirror Press, e-book $4.99, 167 pages

Draped around the magic of an ancient Mexican wishing well, three romances bloom for patrons of a high-end resort in The Mariposa Hotel.

This third installment in the Tangerine Street Romance series folds together the writings of Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson and Heather B. Moore, creating a trio of tales linked by the threads of this exotic beachfront resort.

Part one of the story, Ghost of 913, follows the life of a Mariposa maid who aspires to greater things. Heavily involved in school and working toward a law degree, Mari is frustrated when her boss assigns her the chore of caring for a very particular guests room.

However, when the room itself seems oddly unused, her interest is piqued. Once she actually meets the mysterious and secretive resident, she is even more drawn to him. But as secrets begin to surface, Mari is not sure if she can trust the handsome stranger or if he is one more bad decision waiting to happen.

Butterfly Kisses, part two in the book, introduces two hotel patrons who are not what they seem. When Brooke checks in to the hotel, she meets Ridley, a professional photographer helping at the concierge desk as a favor to a friend, and assumes he is a hotel employee. Brookes presence at a cocktail event for plastic surgeons leaves Ridley believing she is arm candy to rich doctors.

Pulled together by happenstance, the two begin to see that neither is what the other thought and that each has more to offer the world than what they seem to on the surface.

Organized and efficient, Raegan is the perfect fit for the Mariposas event coordinating needs. Part three, Dreams Come True, brings the methodical planner onto the path of an unexpected romance. When Raegan meets Kevin, he seems like just the sort of man she has always hoped for. However, when his true identity becomes clear to her, she fears he is exactly the opposite of what she thought.

Thrown into the drama of family anger, gala events and wounded hearts, Raegan is left to decide if she is willing to try her hand at love.

The Mariposa Hotel offers a fluid trio of stories that will likely engage romance readers of all ages. The stories are clean and simple with no foul language or sexuality beyond kissing.
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