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Book review: Mull's 'Dragonwatch' captivates with fantastical world, action
"Dragonwatch" is the first in a series that's a sequel to the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. - photo by Wendy Jessen
"DRAGONWATCH," by Brandon Mull, Shadow Mountain, $18.99, 384 pages (f) (ages 8-11)

Brandon Mull, No.1 New York Times best-selling author, released his sequel to the Fablehaven series, "Dragonwatch."

King of the Dragons, Celebrant the Just, lives within the dragon sanctuary of Wyrmroost as co-caretaker. Seeking revenge and tired of being held captive as he sees it Celebrant desires to overthrow the sanctuaries and reclaim the dragons' freedom and power to return to the Age of Dragons.

Desperate to save the sanctuaries, keep the dragons under control and thus protect the world from destruction by dragons, the wizard Agad comes to Grandpa Sorenson with a plan their only hope. Kendra and Seth Sorenson need to become the new co-caretakers of Wyrmroost, which they hope will also strengthen the protective barriers of Blackwell Keep. Despite their age and lack of experience, Kendra and Seth possess special qualities and skills that make them the only ones adequate to be the new caretakers.

The dragons have become more dangerous as the previous members of the Dragonwatch who kept dragons confined to the sanctuaries are now gone. Though Celebrant approves Kendra and Seth as the new caretakers, he continues to challenge the barriers and their authority.

In possession of the caretaker medallion, they discover the way to strengthen the barrier and protect Blackwell Keep is to find the hidden scepter, which, combined with the medallion, will increase their magical defenses.

Because they have no other choice, Kendra, Seth and some helpers embark on a journey to recover the hidden scepter for added protection against the dragons. This perilous mission means outrunning and outsmarting the dragons again and again, while risking their lives.

"Dragonwatch" is packed with action and adventure within a richly described fantasy world Fablehaven fans will appreciate. Mull brings back familiar characters and storylines while adding new characters and magic for readers to discover.

Geared toward middle grade readers, "Dragonwatch" is enjoyable for all ages whether they have read Fablehaven or not. There is no sexual content or objectionable language, but there is some violence of dragons breathing fire and issuing attacks on the sanctuary and its inhabitants.
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