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5 wedding day nightmares you'll be glad didn't happen to you
Wedding day mishaps are cute and funny stories ... unless they happen to you. - photo by Davison Cheney
Wedding day fails. They are silly, humorous stories we all love to hear about. There is a crazy amount of them on the Internet. Here is a small collection of some of the best.

Wedding horror story #1

"My wedding was unremarkable, except for the picketing and ... arrest of protesters.

"Apparently the church where my fiance and I were to be married was in the middle of a struggle with a "couple" that had not been allowed to reserve the chapel for a wedding between a man and his dog. It was supposed to be a stunt to promote a local animal rights campaign and the shelter they sponsored. The pastor at the church said the space couldnt be used for such an event. He even offered the use of the lovely garden in place of the chapel, but the activists thought they could get just as much publicity with a strike and a picket line as they could with a doggie-dude wedding.

"All of this was unknown to everyone in my wedding party until we arrived at the chapel, which was surrounded by picket signs and protests around the front entrance of the church. The protesters carried blown-up photos of animals with pithy sayings like, 'Even dogs deserve a partner,' and, 'Dogs are people too.'

"On top of this disservice, the colors of the animal shelter were gray and burgundy, which just so happened to be the colors my wife had selected for our wedding reception and flowers, making it difficult for our guests to differentiate between our event and the doggies."

Wedding horror story #2

"It was sprinkling ever so slightly when it was my turn to walk down the aisle. Not wanting to up-root the group or have to re-arrange the chairs under the patio, I gave the go-ahead and the march started. The brides maids were not bothered by the sprinkle. My dress, however, seemed to absorb all the moisture in the air and became very transparent. My fianc had to give me his jacket, and I spent 30 minutes surrounded by blow-dryers in the reception center before I could have any photos taken."

Wedding horror story #3

"My husband-to-be's mother made her own invitations to send to all of her friends, even though we had already sent out invitations. She didnt like my colors either, so she made up her own. She didn't like the fact that I didnt have a China pattern registered, so she picked out the one she thought I should want and had her friends contribute to that. We were not planning on having so many people at the reception, and we ran out of everything halfway through the evening, so she ordered Chinese food. Later, she had her announcement for us framed, and she hung it up in her family room."

Wedding horror story #4

"My wedding was an adults-only affair and so was the reception. We had gone to great lengths to include water fountains and crystalvery elegant. It was clear the guest list was strictly adult. We decided to do this because of problems in the past with kids being allowed to run wild. My husbands family decided they were not obligated to abide by the guidelines we had set. What a messfiguratively and literally. Fortunately, my husband knew his family well and had arranged for another room to be set aside for the children. It was stocked with hoagie sandwiches, chips and a baby sitter with duct-tape and ear plugs, so there was no excuse to have the kids in the 'big room.' They still call me the child catcher (like the one from Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang)."

Wedding horror story #5

"At my reception my nephew made prank calls from the phone in the church's hallway, and we had 3 cops show up and tour the building. My brother and 2 of his friends were arrested for possession in the parking lot. My brother was the best man, and he had the ring in his pocket, which we had to get later when he was bailed out. I used my new husband's former girlfriend's ring for the day."
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