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21 cheesy things your wife secretly wants
She probably won't admit it, but she's secretly wishing you'd do these 21 things. - photo by Melinda Fox
She won't admit it. For some reason being a hopeless romantic is frowned upon. But inside, she's secretly wishing you would be a big cheese ball and melt her heart.

1. A kiss in the rain

She may not have told you this, but every woman has a secret #relationshipgoal to kiss in the rain.

2. A mixtape

Or a "mix CD" as the kids are calling it these days. She wants to hear a compilation of songs that make you think about her because you danced to them at your wedding, you first heard them at a concert together when you were dating, or the words just sound like her.

3. Matching outfits

It probably doesn't get cheesier than this. While wearing the same knit sweater would be pretty sweet, you don't have to go to go shopping in the women's section to make this one happen. She'd just love it if your blue tie was the same shade as her skirt.

4. A hug from behind

Wrapping your arms around your wife is a special way to say, "I love you."

5. Puns

Put a note on the clock that says, "I will always have time for you" or write on a piece of fruit, "I go bananas for you!" It's cheesy, but she'll love it.

6. A movie fort

Your wife secretly wants to resurrect her inner child and build a fort of sheets and twinkle lights for snuggling, movie watching, and kissing.

7. A note in her pocket

Secretly slip a simple note in her coat pocket when she's not looking that she will find in some unexpected moment.

8. To be tucked in

When she falls asleep on the couch, carry her to bed. If she looks cold, lay another blanket over her.

9. To wear your clothes

She secretly wants your suit jacket when she's shivering or to wrap herself in your stolen sweatshirt. That bit of fabric makes her feel loved and taken care of.

10. A hand on the small of her back

As you walk into a room, put your hand on her back to guide her in or place it there when you're talking to a group of people. It's a simple gesture that will make her feel loved.

11. A good morning text

It's cheesy because you're probably waking up next to her, but if the first thing she sees on her phone is a text from you, there's no doubt she'll smile.

12. Flowers

Some ladies like a fancy bouquet, others like just a small flower picked from a field.

13. A formal date

It might seem pretty cheesy to call her up and ask her out when you can just ask her when you get home if she wants to catch the 8:00 movie but she secretly wishes you'd invite her on a planned date and "pick her up."

14. Photo booth pictures

They might cost more than cell phone selfies but photo booth pictures are just the cutest kind of couple pictures.

15. A couple costume

Just stop. Couples costumes are sappy, but they are also adorable and she wants it.

16. To catch you staring

If your wife catches you staring at her across the room she might melt a little bit inside.

17. A handwritten letter

Bring it back to 1910 and write her a love letter. It might sound old-fashioned, but it's actually kind of beautiful.

18. To be serenaded

You don't have to be Heath Ledger singing 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' to a whole stadium, but that kind of cheese is right up her alley. If nothing else, tip the DJ to dedicate a song to her.

19. To go on a picnic

All you need is a sunny day, a blanket, and a pair of sandwiches. Bonus points if you have a basket.

20. To be called a pet name

Calling her 'sweetheart' or 'honey' may seem a little cheesy, but she'll secretly love it.

21. Post its on the mirror

If you stick up a note that says 'I love you' or 'You're beautiful' it's probably going to stay there a while because she cherishes it.
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