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11 traits of a husband who will always love you (no matter what)
A man who has these characteristics will stick with you through anything. - photo by Melinda Fox
It's terrifying to know you can't be sure if the man you love will always love you. Life can get in the way, creating problems that eat at your relationship. Even so, many people are able to overcome the challenges of life and keep loving each other in spite of everything else.

Even though it's impossible to control how someone else feels, you can recognize some attributes that reveal his level of commitment to your love. If your husband does these 11 things, he is going to keep loving you no matter what.

He knows your problems are his problems

To him, your problems are just as relevant and significant as his own. He ponders solutions even when you're apart and does whatever he can to resolve the issues. Even when there's nothing he can do, he is by your side through it all.

He wants you to feel good about yourself

It's not enough for him to know you're fantastic; he needs you to know how amazing you are. He strives every day to make sure you feel beautiful inside and out.

He doesn't look at porn

Your husband recognizes that a sure way to create problems in your relationship is to look at sexually explicit material. He knows pornography demeans women, makes him less able to love both emotionally and physically and causes depression. This makes him want to avoid it so it won't corrode his relationship with you.

He laughs at your mistakes

A husband who won't stop loving you is someone who can quickly brush off your mistakes. He realizes you are a human and you aren't going to do everything perfectly. Even when you do or say something that hurts him, he recognizes it wasn't done with malice and chooses to forgive instead of to hold a grudge.

He takes his own mistakes seriously

While he brushes off your mistakes, he's not so quick to disregard his own. This isn't to say he gives himself a hard time about every little thing he does, but he certainly sees his mistakes as areas for improvement and takes that seriously. Not only that, but he wouldn't disregard your feelings by telling you to get over his mistakes or that a mess-up of his was no big deal.

He puts you first

You are his priority over kids, work, hobbies, parents, etc. No matter what, you are his number one and he makes sure you know that.

He doesn't run from problems

A man who flees at the first signs of trouble is more in love with love than he is with you. On the other hand, if he chooses to address problems with tact and compassion, he is someone who cares deeply about you and the health of his relationship with you.

He asks your opinion

A man who values your point-of-view, values you in his life. If he asks for your advice, he both relies on you and wants to make choices that make you happy.

He is detail-oriented

It may sound like something that belongs on a resume, but focusing on the little things is actually an essential characteristic of a husband who will always love you. If he cares about small things that matter to you, he will care about you in all the big ways as well.

He is honest

You never feel like you can't trust him because he never gives you reason to doubt; his integrity is air-tight. You also don't have to worry about him holding back his feelings because he openly communicates with you.

He is not shy about commitment

You both know your relationship will have rough patches, but your husband also knows love is more than emotion: it's a choice. It's easy to know he will always love you because he's made the choice to keep loving you by committing to you one hundred percent.
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