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11 signs you're going to grow old together
Is your relationship going to make it? - photo by Melinda Fox
The idyllic picture of two old people holding hands on a porch swing while the grandchildren run around the yard has crossed everyones mind at least once. We all want to make it there: past the struggles of relationships, to the point where weve been with the person we love for longer than we can remember, to die together and to be buried side by side. How do you know if youre going to make it to that point?

Here are 11 signs that show you and your honey will grow into one of those adorable, old couples.

1. You like to do things together

For pretty much everything you do, you want it to be done together. You just like doing things with each other (even if you're doing absolutely nothing).

2. You can't stay mad at each other

Of course your get frustrated, annoyed and even angry; but you just can't stay that way. Being mad at each other sucks too much to hold onto the grudge.

3. You like to serve each other

Its no wonder the couples who like to do nice things for each other are the ones who stay together for the long haul. If you like to find ways to lighten each others loads or hide encouraging notes for each other to find, you are going to end up old and gray together.

4. You never run out of things to talk about

Somehow you made the trip from Idaho to Kentucky without ever touching the radio dial. Even though you've known each other for a good minute, you still can have riveting conversations.

5. But you can be silent together

Even though you could talk forever, you can also be together and be quiet, and it's not awkward. Your spouse's presence is the only company you need.

6. You tell each other the truth

You and your spouse don't keep secrets from each other, whether it's about big mistakes or stuff you're just embarrassed about. You also let each other know when one of you has spinach stuck in your teeth or if a hat looks bad.

7. You tell each other news first

When something awesome happens, you call your spouse first thing. When something awful happens, you also call your spouse first thing.

8. You defend each other

You dont put up with people making jokes about your spouse or putting them down. Whether you have to stand up to your partners mom or to your own friends, you stick up for your spouse no matter what (and they stick up for you).

9. You tease each other

Even though you never want your partners feelings to get hurt, you cant help but rib them when theyre acting like a total goof. You are comfortable enough with each other to let those weirdo sides out, and youre comfortable enough with each other to let the other person know what a weirdo he/she is.

10. You don't have to ask each other to be there

When something is going on in your life, you never have to ask your partner to be there for you because theyre there for you whether its something small or something big.

11. You're not jealous of other people

Your relationship isn't perfect, but you like what you've got. (Other people should be jealous of you!)
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