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10 ways your spouse drives you crazy
Is your sweetheart driving you crazy on a daily basis? Dont worryyou arent alone. - photo by Courtnie Erickson
Living with another human being can be frustrating. It is easy for contention to arise when your spouse is doing little things that drive you absolutely crazy. Here are a some things your spouse may be doing that can really get the blood boiling ... for worse or for better.

1. Leaves dirty clothes inches from the hamper

No matter how many times you teach your spouse how a hamper works, it can be Deja Vu each morning when you bend over to pick up dirty shirts and socks. Unfortunately, those clothes are usually just inches away from the hamper. It makes you wonder if your sweetie will ever learn.

2. Steals the blankets at night

Do you get cold at night? It probably isnt because the heater is broken in your home. It is because your spouse stole all the blankets. Good luck trying to get them back.

3. Spends money without communicating first

It is recommended that any big purchase be discussed with your spouse. However, when your spouse does not discuss such a purchase because thinks he is going to surprise you and youll be thrilled, he may want to think again.

4. Drives from the backseat

Yes, your spouse may be the better driver, but he does not need to criticize every little thing you do behind the wheel. Just remind him that nobody is perfect.

5. Doesnt communicate when hell be home

Forget that warm dinner sitting on the table. Your husband forgot to remind you again that hed be late for dinner. After 3 nights in a row, you think he would remember to tell you.

6. Puts the kids to bed

While you sit on the couch reading articles about how to be a more patient individual, you hear laughing coming from your childrens room. Your kids may be wild and hyper, but they are in their pajamas, have already brushed their teeth and are creating memories with your husband that your entire family will cherish forever.

7. Kisses you lightly on the forehead

When your husband comes into the room from wrestling your children into bed, he bends over the couch and lightly kisses your forehead. I guarantee that one little kiss will drive you crazy.

8. Holds your hand in public

Spending time together is no easy feat. But, when you do, your husband doesnt let you go. He holds your hand like you are drowning in the sea. It is nice to know that someone wants to be with you, wants to be near you and doesnt want you to let you go.

9. Hides love notes

Sometimes just a little note can turn the darkest days around. It doesnt matter that your sweetheart left the note on the counter or tucked it in your drawer. It is the surprise and the thought that can immediately put a smile on your face.

10. Tells you he loves you on your rough days

No matter your stage in life, there are 3 little words that, when said sincerely and genuinely, can make your heart melt. I love you can mean more than any other phrase, particularly on days when you dont feel like you deserve to be loved or you dont feel lovable. Those are the days when that small 3-letter phrase can do the most damage.

We all do little things that drive one another crazy. It doesnt matter what your sweetheart does that makes you want to pull your hair out, there are plenty of little things he does that make you smile. Among all the frustrating things your spouse may do, there is good, lots and lots of good.
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