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Have You Seen This? Kids vs the Blob
I'm not sure I've ever seen a video that better illustrates the excitement and fear a child simultaneously experiences as the child is about to attempt something exhilarating. - photo by John Clyde

SUMMER The rain has subsided and temperatures are rising, which means summer is finally close enough to touch.

Summertime always brings with it memories of adolescence and hours upon hours worth of exploring and wasting away as homework and classrooms seem as far away as the moon. We remember being a kid, riding our bikes, falling asleep in the grass and daring one another to try something we've always been too afraid to attempt.

For some reason with kids, these dares usually consist of three things, venturing into a scary place unaccompanied, some kind of makeshift ramp and a bicycle, or water and some kind of component involving heights.

We all remember that moment we edged inch-by-inch towards the precipice and stuck our neck out to see the water below. It may have only been about 12 feet in actuality, but our brains saw it no less than a sheer 1,000 foot drop. As we contemplated what we thought might be our last moments on earth, we struggled to keep our emotions at bay in an effort to make the other kids think we weren't scared, just mapping out the perfect trajectory in our minds. What we were really mapping out was our last will and testament and praying the money in our sock drawer wouldn't go to our younger sibling.

Then came the moment, the do or die moment, jump and face death eye-to-eye, or retreat and face ridicule and humiliation full on. More often than not we decided to jump, and usually we had a blast.

That was a long setup for this video that displays this nostalgic emotional roller coaster in all its glory as kids at an Illinois summer camp face their fears with a water blob. If this video doesn't make you smile, then your soul must have died years ago sometime after you made that jump.
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