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Capturing memories and giving back to the community
Megan Myricks journey leads her from education to photography, Richmond Hill
Megan Myrick owner of Megan Myrick Photograph prides herself on her work and giving back to the community
Megan Myrick, owner of Megan Myrick Photography, prides herself on her work and giving back to the community. - photo by Photo provided.

Photography was not always the plan for Megan Myrick, the owner of Megan Myrick Photography.

But, she said, it has opened the doors for blessings and an ability to give back to the community. Through capturing memories and sharing her gifts, Myrick has grown a business and family in Richmond Hill.

Myrick first established her photography business out of a desire to get better-quality photos of her own children. She followed bloggers who not only shared incredible information but also took beautiful photos. That is when it clicked for her. She knew, after waiting nearly 10 years to have kids, she wanted it to be captured perfectly — not just with a cellphone image, but with high-quality resolution.

So she started taking photos, and the community began to take notice. Myrick officially hung up her business sign while she was still living in Missouri. At that time, she used her basement as a studio. Her photography business has evolved since then, and Megan Myrick Photography will celebrate its fifth anniversary in July.

After moving to Richmond Hill, Myrick decided to move into a 400-square-foot space off Frances Meeks Way. For two years, Megan Myrick Photography began making a name for itself. On March 1, 2016, the business moved into a much larger location at 11258 Ford Ave., Suite 5, in Richmond Hill Court.

“The challenges of being a mom and business owner mainly deal with how I organize my time,” she said. “There are days when I am an excellent mom and my business owner is lacking, and vice versa. I don’t think there is such thing as perfect balance.”

Despite the challenges, she said her work ethic, passion and organizational skills give her the ability to take on both roles. The flexibility of making her own schedule allows her to stay focused on her children, which she said makes it all worth it.

“I am more expensive than most, but I feel like passing out a digital CD is a huge disservice,” Myrick said. “The client is required to have one piece of wall of art. MMP is service-oriented. We are about the entire experience and not just meeting you the day of your session and then never seeing you again. You can take better pictures when you know the person. I am using my camera to capture these intimate moments. I couldn’t imagine showing up to a session and not meeting you or talking to you before.”

Not always a photographer

Myrick was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and has traveled the world, living in and experiencing life in many different places. As a young girl, she moved to Austria with her family, while her father worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency. His job eventually led the family to Washington state, where she graduated high school and college.

Myrick double-majored in theater performance and elementary education and minored in early childhood education at Central Washington University. That was where she began her journey as an educator and where she met Taran, a soldier and her future husband. The two fell in love and got married in 1999. Quickly after their wedding, the newlyweds moved from Washington to Heidelberg, Germany, where Taran Myrick was stationed.

For the first 10 years of her career, Megan Myrick was a first-grade teacher and spent two additional years teaching preschool. During her last two years in education, she established a preschool where Taran Myrick was stationed, at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Waynesville United Methodist Church in Missouri is still developing and leading the program she established.

After being transferred to Fort Stewart, the Myricks decided to put down roots in Richmond Hill.

Proud of the Hill

Now, Taran Myrick is retired from the military, and their two children, Max, 7, and Carter, 5, attend McAllister Elementary School.

Megan Myrick said she is proud to call this community home and proud to work in a community where small businesses support each other.

Besides capturing memories for locals, Myrick contributes to charitable causes. Recently, she teamed up with the Pay It Forward Foundation of Bryan County for the third annual “Mommy and Me” sessions, which raises funds for those in need in Bryan County. MMP also worked with One Love Animal Rescue, raising an estimated $500 for the program.

“I honestly feel like that God gives us gifts, and we are supposed to give them away,” she said. “I love being able to take pictures of adorable kids, earn an income, and I can still be a mom. I am OCD and get to run my business. It is a perfect fit.”

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