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When caring means more
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Recently, my wife and I went out to eat at a restaurant in the Savannah area. After being seated, the waitress said to us, “Today, I am going to be taking care of you.”
As the evening progressed, those words took on greater meaning. Whether she realized it or not, what she had committed to with her statement was that she was going to care for our dining needs that evening.
I will say that I am not hard to please, but she failed miserably in fulfilling her obligations – I did not feel cared for.
In the New Testament, Jesus Christ tells us to bring all of our cares to him, for he cares for us. The difference is that when he makes that statement, it is more than mere words.
He first shows that he cares in that he meets our spiritual needs. When any of us go to him with honesty and sincerity confessing our sins, he will forgive every time. He not only forgives, but he will transform us so we don’t have to keep on doing the same things over again.
He also shows how much he cares by meeting our physical needs – healing is a big part of his ministry. What we don’t always understand is that he always heals, sometimes by miraculously healing our sicknesses or diseases. Sometimes it’s by giving us complete and final healing by taking us to be with him for eternity, where we will receive new imperishable bodies.
He has also promised to those who will put him first in their lives that he will always meet their financial needs. He does care for the unemployed and those who are struggling in this economy.
Before God can show us how much he cares, we must give our lives over to him and trust him. All of his promises are to those who put their faith in his Son.
I challenge you to put God to the test and see that he is faithful and that his caring is much more than just words.

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