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This man shows kindness just might heal cancer
One man decides to devote his life to random acts of kindness as a cure for his cancer, and his stomach tumor shrinks. - photo by Tiffany Fletcher
Kindness matters. Brice Royer is living proof of that statement. Four years ago, Brice was diagnosed with a stomach tumor that doctors said would eventually kill him.

That news sent Brice into a depression, and he even thought of suicide, until he read about the healing power of love and kindness. This new information inspired Brice to prescribe his own medicine for healing: performing random acts of kindness for perfect strangers without any expectations of reciprocity.

"I wrote a Craigslists ad offering 'Unconditional Love for $0' that surprisingly went viral and reached millions of people in days," Brice wrote on Facebook. "I offered my time and energy, which was very limited, at the service of anyone who reached out. It was the hardest thing Ive ever done."

Four years later, Brice has learned that his stomach tumor is shrinking in size and no longer the threat it was before. This has his doctors wondering how thats even possible.

Brice believes it is the random acts of kindness that have made all the difference. On his Facebook page, he cites scientific evidence documenting the healing effects of love, kindness and giving. He contends that even thinking of giving can have a positive impact on illness.

Brice admits random acts of kindness may not heal all cancer and his may be a special case. But he does have his doctors questioning what he is doing differently to bring about such a positive change in his overall health.

"I think the reason I am alive today is because of the love and kindness I have received from so many people," Brice said.

Brices story is a wonderful example of how our thoughts and actions can determine not only who we are but also what we are made up of. Brice filled his life with so much goodness that it pushed back the cancer and caused it to shrink. Rather than letting his illness consume him, he turned his mind to the greater things of life.

Seeking the needs of others led Brice to use money from his own bank account to help someone in need. It spurred him to raise over $25,000 to build a home for a homeless mother and inspired him to keep on giving.

"Giving is good medicine!" Brice said. "I am beyond grateful for my family, friends, health practitioners, and each person who helped me and most importantly, who allowed me to give! Thank you for your love! We are all one. We are all healing! I LOVE YOU!"

Brices words of encouragement and his story are inspiring for many who struggle with illnesses that may leave them lonely and overwhelmed.

Even if giving doesnt cure cancer, the benefits that came to Brice for his service to others is explained best in his own words:

"I am not attached to the outcome." He said. "Even if I had died, the remainder of my life became much more meaningful."

To go from a death sentence to a meaningful life is powerful medicine, no matter how you look at it.

If you want a meaningful life, take a lesson from Brice. Go out in the world and spread goodness.
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