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The light after the darket day
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This day must have been the darkest and most difficult for the followers of Jesus.
I suppose you could make an argument for Good Friday being harder, but on that day the adrenaline would have been flowing at hyperspeed.  Perhaps they would have hoped that their Lord would come down from the cross to declare his power and glory.  Maybe they were just so frightened that they did not know what to do.
    But on Saturday morning, reality set in.  It had not been a dream after all.  He really was dead.  Peter, James, John and the others would have reflected on the last three years of their lives. They had given up everything to follow this man from Nazareth.  They had watched as he had performed miracles by the dozens. They had listened with care to his teaching. It was clear to anyone who would listen that he really was unique. 
But now he was gone.  Friday must have seemed like a nightmare, but today it was all too real.  Did the 11 remaining disciples spend the day together?  Well, we know that they were together (with Thomas being the lone exception) on the next morning.  It is at least likely that they would have come together to offer comfort and encouragement, although they were not sure there was any reason for encouragement. 
The fact is we do not know where the disciples were or what they were doing on the Saturday following the crucifixion of Jesus. The Bible gives us no information about this day.  Quite frankly, I am speculating. But it does not take a great deal of imagination to realize that they were despondent, discouraged, downhearted and dejected.  They had no faith left.  They were not certain what they were going to do.  To quote David, they found themselves in “the valley of the shadow of death.” 
That’s what makes Easter so amazing!  Early the next morning, Jesus will reveal himself first to Mary and then to the disciples.  They will see that he was truly alive, and that will change their perspective and their lives for good.  The risen Christ changed everything for them.
And he still does.  Jesus is alive. Easter is true. And because of that we need never be the same.  Have you trusted in the one who walked out of the empty tomb very much alive?  Find your way to a church house Sunday and join with others in celebration of the resurrection.  Being with the risen Lord Jesus and his children will change your life forever. 
I pray you will experience the life that he offers to you.  Easter Sunday would be a great day to start that experience.

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