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The kindness of a stranger toward a single mom will leave you in tears
A struggling single mother of three receives a special gift and compliment from a stranger. - photo by Wendy Jessen

Every Friday night, a single mother and her three children eat out at a restaurant a special family tradition. She works hard at her job and as a mother. She's also a domestic abuse survivor.

In this video clip, this mother shares how hard it is to feel like she is under constant scrutiny from the strangers around her because her kids behave Two of her children also struggle with behavioral issues. She finds herself apologizing to people around her while they are out in public.

One particular evening, someone was watching. She apologized as usual and this stranger, a man, told her not to worry; he has three kids of his own. He calmed her concerns, and they continued on with their meal.

That's when the sweetest act of kindness occurred.

After the man left, the waitress approached the mother of three and told her the man had not only paid her bill but also left her a gift card with a note.

Shocked, tears flowed as she read his words telling her she was patient, loving and raising a good family. Leaving no information other than his name Jake this mother believes he was an angel.

Often, those we may judge the harshest need our love or encouraging word the most. Instead of judging, try to lift others by treating them with kindness. Read this article on how to "Become a human angel."

Being a mother in the public eye is never an easy feat. Moms wrangling small children may feel overwhelmed and at the end of their rope. A little kindness can go a long way in these instances, and the opposite can have a really damaging effect. Check out this snarky article on how mothers may want to respond to commentary on their large families.
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