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Seek the Lord to bless our families
pastor corner

In three more days, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. It will be one of the most-attended Sundays for worship in most churches.

Our church will give small gifts to every mother present and dedicate two babies to the Lord. I know that sometime in the afternoon, I will take my wife and mother-in-law to dinner, and we will enjoy the time together.  

I took a moment to study Mother’s Day at in preparation to write this article. Mother’s Day was the dream of Anna Jarvis, who created the day in 1908. It became an official holiday in 1914. Interestingly enough, she spent her latter days denouncing Mother’s Day as too commercial. I wonder what she would think today.

People have many traditions on Mother’s Day. According to that same article, “More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day in the year.” Indeed, if possible, people will call or, even better, travel to see their moms this weekend.  

The Bible makes it clear that God is the Creator of the family. He placed Adam and Eve together in the garden and has blessed families throughout history.

I certainly am aware that not every family is as blessed as others. There are mothers who do not live up to the ideal. And yet it is God’s intent that a husband and wife commit to each other for life and that they seek to lead their children to walk with the Lord.

Please allow me to make this request of you. Would you commit to pray for families, both yours and others? Pray for the families within our churches. Pray that God will bless them and use them to raise up the next generation of godly followers of Jesus Christ.
God wants to bless our families. Let’s seek him together for that purpose. 

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