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Make sure every day is Mother's Day
pastor corner

Last weekend, people all across America celebrated Mother’s Day. It is a time when children, husbands and churches found ways to show appreciation for what mothers do.

In many homes, the absence of the mother would mean chaos; they do so much. One of the problems is that we let them do it — many times to the extent of exhaustion. Another problem is that in many situations, Mother’s Day is the only time appreciation of any kind is shown, and in some cases, that day comes and goes as if it didn’t come at all.

Proverbs 31 talks about a woman of noble character and goes on to describe all the responsibilities she voluntarily chooses to assume. She is described as priceless, trustworthy, industrious, charitable and unselfish; making her husband look good, strong, dignified, wise and respected; and loved by her children.

As I read this passage, it definitely describes my wife and I am sure many other great women of our society. I do know that I don’t show my appreciation for all she does and take so many things for granted.

In Proverbs 31:31, we are told to “Give her the reward she has earned.” It goes on to say that society ought to praise such a woman. In other words, young girls ought to dream and have goals of being this kind of woman because it is something that’s applauded and glorified.
So even though Mother’s Day is past, let us as husbands, children, church and a community celebrate mothers each and every day and let them know how much they are appreciated.

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