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God uses ordinary to do extraordinary
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When God uses ordinary people beyond what is usual, ordinary or regular, He establishes the extraordinary. People do not usually think they are noteworthy, remarkable or exceptional in character. Outside of occasionally having a special, often temporary, task or responsibility, we may not address the possibility of being extraordinary. But there are “gifted” people among us. We celebrate their accomplishments with enthusiasm and amazement. What we may not consider is that God depends on ordinary people. The Bible shows us that ordinary people are chosen by God for phenomenal and special service.
Rahab, a common woman, was called by God to hide two men sent as spies. She helped them escape to safety by letting them out of the window using a red cord tied to a basket. She told the men to wait three days in the mountains before returning home. She secured a pledge of safety for herself and her family because she trusted God would give the Israelites land. God had this common woman perform an extraordinary act.
David spent his days and nights as a boy in the field with his sheep. He often missed family gatherings. He was just a shepherd boy to many, but God had a different plan for David’s life. He took the boy and made him a king. Ordinary became extraordinary. 
Another Biblical figure, Barak, would not go into battle against Israel’s enemy without Deborah, the judge of Israel. Deborah went with Barak into battle at a time when women did not go to war. She said to Barak, “The battle will be won at the hands of a woman.” On the day of battle, Deborah told Barak to go fight for “this is the day in which the Lord has prepared your victory over your enemy.” There was a common woman named Jael, who God used to win victory for Israel.
God uses ordinary people because they have faith in what He says. They act upon His guidance. Barak’s faith was not strong enough, so he asked Deborah to go with him. There are times we need the faith we see in others to accomplish God’s will. Whether we use our own faith or the faith we see in others, we should respond in the affirmative to God’s call for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We are limited when we do not have faith in what God says. When we yield to God’s touch, we become extraordinary. God really does use ordinary people.

Ayala is the pastor of Christ Tabernacle of Faith Church and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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