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Does your child know the Bible well enough to compete in this competition?
Think your child is a Bible expert? Well, there's a competition to test their knowledge called The National Bible Bee. - photo by Herb Scribner
Would you classify your child as a Bible scripture aficionado?

If so, you may want to test his or her knowledge in The National Bible Bee.

The national competition is a lot like a spelling bee. But instead of showing off their knowledge of English word spellings, competitors compete to see who is the most well-versed in Bible scripture.

The National Bible Bee offers a cash prize and a wide-range of other events for families, too.

While the top winners will be awarded more than $270,000, every contestant will be encouraged and recognized for their Biblical excellence, the competitions website reads. The competition will be supplemented by a wide range of family activities including speaker sessions, worship, and lots of fellowship! [J]oin like-minded families from across the nation in celebrating the greatness of our God as we proclaim and honor His perfect Word!

The National Bible Bee is not unlike The American Bible Challenge, a national game show where contestants compete by testing their knowledge of scripture, Deseret News reported in 2012.

Heres a video that explains more about The National Bible Bee and how it works.
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