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Christians are partners in the good news
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What should our response be as Christians to those new churches that keep opening up in our area?

In the Richmond Hill area, several new churches have been planted in the last couple of years. If we are not careful with our attitudes, we can have a spirit of competition, even looking at other churches as the enemy.

When you think about it, every church is a little different than the others — having our own form of worship, our own style or having our differences pertaining to the non-essentials. For the most part, Christian churches believe the same when it comes down to the essentials.

When Jesus’ disciples found out about other believers who were not part of their circle doing ministry in Jesus’ name, they had the attitude that they should be stopped. When the disciples asked Jesus, he scolded them and reminded them that his followers were all on the same team.

Fellow Christians are not enemies, but we are partners. We ought to pray for the Lord to send in more laborers to help us to win the lost, for the challenge is too big for any one of us. There are people in this community who neither I nor my church will ever be able to reach, but they can be reached by some other ministry with a different flavor or approach. We do have a common enemy, which is Satan himself, who works to fight against the truth through false religions, the cults and a spirit of unbelief. He sows a spirit of rebellion in the hearts and lives of people.

We who are trusting in Christ are spreading the good news and sowing seeds of peace, forgiveness and eternal life, so we welcome those who have come to join us.

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