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Mom raises best friends four daughters after their mothers death
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BUFFALO, N.Y. Have you ever been part of a friendship so strong youd do anything the other person asked of you?

A Buffalo woman opened her home to her best friends four young daughters when cancer took their mothers life too soon.

Laura Ruffino and Elizabeth Diamond have been best friends since the fifth grade, according to Today Parents. Their friendship withstood the test of time, as the two women married and eventually began raising their families in Buffalo.

She had the best laugh, most positive attitude and was the least judgmental person Id ever met, Ruffino told Today.

Then, in August of last year, Diamond now divorced and with her ex-husband completely out of the picture received life-altering news: She had brain cancer. Her condition quickly worsened, and it became clear that she didnt have long to live, according to Today.

Ruffino stayed by her best friends side throughout the heartbreaking ordeal driving her to and from doctor appointments and caring for Diamonds four daughters ranging in age from 5 to 12. One day, Diamond asked her friend the ultimate favor: to care for her children should she die.

Youd think itd be some in-depth conversation, but it was pretty casual because of course Id do that for her, Ruffino said. Id do anything for her.

Sadly, the day came when Diamond needed to cash in that favor. She passed away at the age of 40 this April.

Ruffino made good on her promise and welcomed Diamonds daughters with open arms. She and her husband who have two daughters of their own effectively doubled their family overnight.

I didnt even have to think about it, she said. If something gets thrown at you, just accept the challenge and do the best you can. Thats what were doing.

Ruffino said the transition hasnt always been an easy one, but she has no regrets.

Since were a family of eight now, every meal feels like a small dinner party and the laundry never stops, she told Today.

A You Caring fundraiser on behalf of the Ruffino family has raised more than $101,000 so far to help with things such as a larger car and the addition of extra rooms to their home, according to the page. The money will also go towards daily living expenses such as food and clothing.

It is the most beautiful thing weve ever seen, the You Caring page reads. The marriage of both families is a true testament to humanity. The family has trouble asking for help because they have always been so self-sufficient, but it takes a village to raise a child.
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