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Have You Seen This? Goose on the loose at ballgame makes fans go wild
The Detroit Tigers had a fan on the field how just refused to leave. That fan was a goose. - photo by Twitter: video screenshot

THE DIAMOND — The Detroit Tigers are currently chasing the Cleveland Indians for first place in the American League Central division, but they had to put that on hold in their game against the Los Angeles Angels to chase a goose instead.

During the game, a Canadian goose landed on the field and didn't seem to have any interest in leaving. The field crew at Comerica Park tried to chase the bird off, but the feathered fan was having none of it. Instead, the animal flew away from the crew and got to know the field a little better.

Finally, the avian Tigers fan took off and the announcers started commenting on the fact that the bird was gone. They were so wrong.

As I was watching it happen, I thought to myself, "I'm no math whiz, but that goose isn't high enough to get out of that stadium."

Well, I may have been in the remedial math class from elementary school through college, but I was correct on those angles. That poor bird face planted (beak planted?) right into a scoreboard and then took a seat in the stands.

Thankfully the Comerica Park staff took the bird, cleaned it up, got it healthy and released it. The goose has now been dubbed the Rally Goose and may be a bit of good luck for the Tigers because they won their series against the Angels. So it sounds like Rally Goose may be invited back.

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