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Students have Skype session with senator
living-BCHS Isakson skype
U.S. Sen. Johnny Isaksons image is projected onto a screen during a Skype call for a recent question-and-answer session with government students at Bryan County High School. - photo by Photo provided.

Government students at Bryan County High School last week had a question-and-answer session via Skype with Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga.
The session addressed everything from the recent government shutdown to why gay marriage isn’t legal in all 50 states.
“It was a good opportunity for the students to get answers to questions that many Americans are asking. It was the first time for many students to talk to a U.S. senator,” said government teacher Morrie Shelkoff, who arranged the 30-minute session.
Isakson said the shutdown demonstrated the need for Democrats and Republicans to put the best interests of the country before partisan politics.
“It’s just the right thing to do for the American people,” he said.
In the case of legalized gay marriage, Isakson said, in response to Kaelyn Butler’s question, it was an issue that each state would have to decide on its own.
“It’s a states’ right issue. That‘s why some states have legalized it, while it is still under consideration in other states,” Isakson said.
Student Brett Kolher asked Isakson for his thoughts on President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. Isakson said he thought the government had overstepped its bounds and should let the people decide which health-care options best suited them.
Ashley Nelson wanted to know if Isakson always had wanted a career in politics. He told the students he hadn’t always wanted to be a politician, but he was glad he made that choice.
Other things the students learned were that Isakson loved the Georgia Southern University Eagles and all the other state’s teams, but that he’d always be a Georgia Dawg through and through, and that someday he’d like to visit Bryan County High School and meet the students he talked with.
Most of the students agreed that session was an interesting complement to what they learned in Shelkoff’s class.

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