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Whats the strangest thing youve hooked while fishing?
You never know quite what you're going to catch when you go fishing. - photo by Grant Olsen
THE GREAT OUTDOORS We recently asked our readers to share the strangest lures theyve used to catch fish. Responses on the comment board included things like a balloon, a Starburst wrapper, a gummy bear and a bare hook.

Some of the comments also mentioned unusual things that anglers have caught while fishing. For example, one reader hooked into a bat while fly fishing. Another reader, Darren Gardner of Lehi, reported that he once accidentally caught a snapping turtle while fishing. And on another fishing trip, Gardners brother had a bird snag a dry fly out of the air.

Catching strange things while fishing is certainly not unheard of. A CBS News article recounts the bizarre catch a Lake Tahoe angler had in 2014 when he pulled in a digital camera. Shed dropped the camera while sailing on the lake more than two years before it was caught by the Lake Tahoe man. The memory card was undamaged and the images were all recovered.

A catfish angler in Oklahoma made international news in 2014 when he landed a snapping turtle that weighed more than 100 pounds. An article from Tulsa World detailed the incident and includes a photo of the beast.

Earlier this year, a viral YouTube video showed an ice fisherman reel in a shocking catch. According to a local news article, the incident happened in western Pennsylvania.

So whats the strangest thing youve ever caught while fishing? Take the poll and provide the details in the comments.
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