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Product review: Good snowshoes for children
The Snowsqual 716 Jr. Series snowshoes from Yukon Charlie's are highly functional and built to last. - photo by Grant Olsen
THE GREAT OUTDOORS For parents with small children, it can be difficult to find a good snowshoe option for their little ones.

Many youth snowshoes are nothing more than toys, with terrible bindings and limited effectiveness. Other styles on the market are better quality, but cost nearly as much as adult sizes.

The Snowsqual 716 Jr. Series snowshoes from Yukon Charlies are able to bridge this gap. Theyre legitimate snowshoes and they cost less than $50.

The best feature on these snowshoes is the binding. Its got an easy-pull system called a ripcord that allows you to tighten it even while wearing gloves. Of course, its always frustrating when binding systems are focused on tightening and dont make it equally simple to release. Fortunately, the Ripcord binding used here has a quick release that is also glove-friendly.

The Snowsqual 716 snowshoes only weigh about 1 pound each, so they definitely wont slow your child down. Theyre made with polypropylene and are equipped with coated steel crampons that deliver a decent bite.

The snowshoes are available in different color styles, with somewhat silly names like Radical Red and Ballistic Blue. But the branding isnt whats important here its the fact that these shoes are tough, reliable and efficient. If youd like to get your child into snowshoeing, but dont want to break the bank doing it, you should definitely check out the Snowsqual 716 from Yukon Charlies.


PRICE: $49
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