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Bennett named Coach of the Month by FCA
Chuck Bradley, Savannah Area FCA representative for Bryan and Effingham counties, presents Stacy Bennett with his Coach of the Month award. - photo by Photo provided.

Richmond Hill baseball coach Stacy Bennett was named Coach of the Month for March by the Savannah Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The Wildcats beat Effingham County 3-0 at home Wednesday night and are at Effingham at 6 p.m. tonight.

According to its website, the Savannah Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes “engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.”

The following details and interview with Bennett was posted on the group’s website (

The Savannah Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes would like to congratulate Coach Stacy Bennett for being selected as the March 2018 Savannah Area FCA Coach of the Month. Coach Bennett serves as the Head High School Baseball Coach for the Richmond Hill Wildcats, and is well respected within the community for his impact as a coach, as well as his passion to reach students for Christ. Coach Bennett was awarded a Savannah Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes Framed Certificate, an FCA Coaches Bible and a $100 gift card from the Savannah Area FCA.

From our staff at the Savannah Area FCA, we would like to say thank you to Coach Bennett for his commitment to Christ, as well as his involvement with FCA in Richmond Hill.

Interview with Coach Bennett

Name: Stacy Bennett
Family Information: Married 10 years to wife Elizabeth and have 2 sons Brody (7) and Carson (4)
School: Richmond Hill High School
Sports Currently Coaching: High School Baseball
Favorite Bible Verse: Luke 9:62 - Jesus said to him, "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God."
This verse teaches us to move forward, not to get complacent. It teaches commitment and to focus on what is ahead no matter the result of the past positive or negative, and be the best that we can be at our calling at that point in time.
Favorite Food: Steak

As a coach that is focused on living out your faith on and off the field, what have you learned about yourself? 

This is my 8th year of coaching high school baseball. My “Why” has changed 180 degrees. I used to coach to win games and get awards…now my “why” is to help mold young men using the game of baseball.

 What are some key principles that you try to instill in the coaches and student athletes you work with daily? 

To love each other through the good and bad. Athletics has its ups and downs, and at the end of the day we always will have each other. The other key thing is to always look forward. Athletes can get hung up on the past, be it positive or negative, and this can negatively impact the task that’s in front.

What are some things you do every day to make sure you stay focused on your relationship with Christ? 

Self-reflect. We all fall extremely short every day, but it is God’s grace that allows us to learn and grow.

What are some things you do every day to stay focused on your family?

I spend time with them in the morning and when I get home. I try not to bring baseball around, which is hard because my two boys love baseball. While I am at home I try to really be at home. I always ask them how school was, what did you learn, was it fun, etc.

What are you focused on right now that you believe will help you become a better coach? 

Patience and communication with young men.

How has the ministry of FCA impacted you as a coach, and how are you using FCA as a coach? 

It’s a nice reminder to me of why I coach baseball. I use principles of FCA to establish stability. We all, especially athletes, need stability in such an uncertain world.

It’s the last play of the game and the game is on the line. You huddle up your players to motivate them. What do you say?

Go play for the brothers to the left and right of you. Leave it all on the field and you will never look back.

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