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Why are we being saved?
pastor corner

In the book of Acts there is a story of a jailer who had imprisoned the Apostle Paul.

In this story there came a time where this jailer, falling under conviction, asked the Apostle a question that must be asked by any person who wants to be in a right relationship with God and who wants to end up in heaven.

In chapter 16, verse 30, the question is, “What must I do to be saved?”

The answer was given in the next verse, where it states, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved ...”

Having faith in what Jesus has done for us is the reason why we can be saved.

There is something that needs to be answered as it relates to the question asked by this jailer. If we need to be saved, what do we need to be saved from?

There are several things that we can be saved from.

First, from the guilt of our sins. When Jesus forgives us from our sins, they are to be remembered against us no more.

Some have a problem forgiving themselves and others may struggle with forgiveness, but God will not hold them against us. We can live a life full of peace.

Second, we are saved from the power of sin, which puts us into bondage. We can be free of this bondage that keeps us from resisting temptation. And then we are saved from God’s wrath with the end result being hell.

The great news is that we all have the opportunity to end up in this real place called heaven – we can be saved. The motive behind this whole opportunity is God’s love.

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