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What will happen on Sept. 30?
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Sept. 30 is the end date for those in Congress to reach an agreement on the budget and spending. The threat of a possible government shutdown looms. What does that mean for those of us outside of the political power circle?
First, let’s allay some fears. The government will not shut down completely. This is not an economic catastrophic end of the world situation. Sept. 30 does not mean all the government agencies cease to operate. There is enough in reserve for one or two months after this date for the powers to be to reach an agreement.
The problem remains though, what happens after those two months if they still do not reach an agreement? Well that is when things will start to fall apart. The endless money well will dry up and our current economic crisis will rival that of the Great Depression, if not far worse. They at least still had a working government.
What is the fighting over? Why are they risking everything you ask? Simple, it is a power struggle. There are two different factions at war with each other. Each side believes they are in the right. What is the heart of this argument? President Obama’s health care reform is one issue, political leaders in order to defund the national health care bill refuse to raise the budget cap. Their plan is to threaten a government shutdown and refuse to negotiate an increase until “Obamacare” is defunded.
This argument between the conservatives and liberals is reflected among like-minded Americans throughout the nation. Some agree and want a national health care plan while others wish it would just disappear. Parties do not see eye to eye on this situation and are under a deadline to make sure our government does not default on any loans.
Last week bills went before the House in order to increase budget for a short period of time while trying to resolve this issue. The stipulation is that zero money goes towards funding or implementing the new health care plan. Neither side is willing to budge at this time it seems.
If this continues, eventually the stay of execution will cease and something dire will occur. The two sides of government are playing a very serious chicken game and the consequences will affect all of America.
The hope remains that our political leaders will eventually reach an agreement — that they will not punish everyone in America because both sides refuse to budge on this issue. Let’s just hope it happens sooner rather than later.
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