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What we need for today
pastor corner

In the Lord’s prayer, Matthew 6:11, we are instructed to ask of the Lord to “give us today our daily bread”.

We are told later on in this chapter not to worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will have additional challenges to overcome. 

Our God wants us to trust Him for today’s needs of which He has promised to meet if we will put Him first in our lives. God has always seemed to operate this way, and we find a prime example of this in the story where He supplied Manna in the desert after the children of Israel left slavery in Egypt. Each morning they were to go out and collect this food that tasted like a honey wafer but only enough for a daily supply for each person. If they got greedy and collected more, then it began to rot.

There is a whole lot more that we need than material things, although some are necessary like water, food, clothing and shelter. There are days that we need comfort, days that we need to feel especially loved, days that we need encouragement and to sense the closeness of God. There are days that we need an extra dose of God’s grace.

The wonderful truth is that our God knows what we individually need today, and He has promised to those who seek His kingdom and His righteousness that these needs will be met, according to Matthew 6:33. So, what is His kingdom and His righteousness? It is that kingdom where Jesus Christ is king, and that righteousness provided to us when Jesus Christ enters our lives.

So, trust in the Lord today for that which you need today.

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