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We all share same enemy
pastor corner

Some people don’t realize it but Christians have a common enemy: the devil himself.

The scriptures call him an accuser, a liar, a murderer, wicked, evil, a devouring lion and, of course, the enemy.

One of his goals is to divide those who follow Jesus. In our present day, he is using politics, the pandemic and racial issues to encourage children with the same Father to say hateful and hurtful things to each other.

Some Christians even get to the point of not speaking to one another.

Also, Satan is no friend to non-believers. His goal is to keep them away from Jesus – keeping them from experiencing real peace and joy and the end result of heaven.

He makes sin attractive but fails to show the end result.

So what should we Christians do? First, learn to show love to each other, pray for each other and treat fellow believers like family.

We should also pray and care for those who haven’t decided yet to follow Jesus, being the examples we should be as we live our lives before them.

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