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Time to get serious about defending state, national constitutions
Letter to the Editor
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Our state and national constitutions cannot defend themselves.

Unless we, the people, defend our constitutions, they will not be defended and we will continue to lose our freedom a slice at a time. As government gains ground, liberty loses ground.

To quote Thomas Jefferson, “If the people become inattentive to public affairs … Congress and assemblies, judges and governors will all become wolves.”

Violations of our constitutions have become commonplace. Each violation is having devastating, adverse impacts on our economy, families and reputation.

We, the people, must get serious. It’s our fault. We must begin to hold government officials accountable to the principles, prohibitions and mandates of our constitutions, regardless of politics and personalities.

All it takes is a critical mass of 3 percent-5 percent of the population — people with a passion for America, her constitutions and accountability in government. Individuals and small groups do not have the needed organization, power and resources.

Such a mass movement is getting under way in America. There is a plan. It’s been tested and well received by those hearing it. We have a ways to go before we reach critical mass, but getting started is 80 percent of any tough assignment.

Now it’s up to us. To learn more, attend one of our free online webinars. Each webinar is limited to 1,000 seats. To register for a seat, go to .

This letter is on its way to the editors of every newspaper in America. Please join us.

— Mark Casper, Georgia state coordinator, We the People Congress

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