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The charity of a stranger
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Random acts of kindness can go a long way.

They can be as simple as assisting someone across the street, or can carry more value, like donating a large sum of money to a good cause. Random acts of kindness still do happen.

When they do, not only does the do-gooder feel good inside, the recipient has a sense of joy and worth that a random stranger took the time out of their day to help them.

On behalf of the St. Anne’s Catholic Church youth group, I would like to thank a person for their thoughtful donation to the Grace Cafe on Sunday.

The youth group volunteers set up a make-shift coffee shop every Sunday morning, and sells coffee and snacks for $1 to the parishioners after 8:30 a.m Mass.

The proceeds from the sales are going to help fund a trip for the youth group to Washington D.C. for the "March for Life" rally in January.

This is a rally that coincides with the Roe v. Wade trial, and shows respect for the pro-life cause.

On Oct. 11, the volunteers received quite a shock when a man paid them with two $50 bills for his one cup of coffee: he told them to "keep the change."

Now, we have an extra $99, and would like to thank the man for his incredible generosity and support of our cause.

Wouldn’t it be great if people everywhere followed this man’s example? We don’t have to give $100, but we can at least look out for each other.

Why not help a little brother or sister with their homework, or offer to make dinner for your family one night?

Why not branch out into the community, and go visit with the residents of Magnolia Manner? There are many things one can do to pay it forward.

After all, we all have led a pretty good life, the least we can do is share it with others.


Richmond Hill High School student Jenna Carpenter is an intern with the Bryan County News.

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