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She's for Oxendine
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Dear Editor: As many of you know, I am a native of Georgia and have resided in Richmond Hill for approximately 22 years. Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Gubernatorial Candidates Debate at Jekyll Island sponsored by the Georgia Press Association/Georgia Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the gubernatorial candidates attending the event (except for Handel), there were many individuals who will be on the ballot for the Primary Election scheduled for July 20.

The reason for writing this letter is because many of the candidates I met were completely out of touch with reality. I question what new laws and regulations a few of these individuals would implement if they were elected and the amount of tax increases we would incur if they were elected as well as the expansion of government in our state.

I would like to urge my friends and neighbors to research information on the candidates who will be on the ballot on July 20 to select the candidates who may share your political point of view.

After serving approximately 22 years in state government, I want to vote for a Governor of the State of Georgia who will streamline government, make the necessary budget cuts to balance the budget to put our teacher’s and those associated with educating and transporting our children back to work full-time.

I want a Governor who will work diligently to put citizens back to work and promote an open and transparent government not only in the Governor’s office but in our state legislature. I want a Governor who will encourage the economic growth and prosperity of the Port of Savannah and Port of Brunswick as well as inland terminals throughout the state to facilitate the movement of international trade and assist in preserving thousands of transportation-related positions.

I want a Governor who will preserve and protect Coastal Georgia waterways, the Florida Aquifer and will not promote interbasin transfers from our region to benefit North Georgia. I want a Governor who will promote the conservation of water and the construction of reservoirs where water is scarce. I want a Governor who will not take water from our region to benefit metropolitan areas such as Atlanta and North Atlanta unless there is no

other viable option, for governmental officials in these areas have not planned adequately or made major strides to conserve water resources adequately.

I question why elected officials dropped the ball on such a critical issue such as water and why officials have not implemented a viable or feasible action plan. I question if a few politicans are promoting the idea to lure votes from a region with critical water issues at Coastal Georgia’s expense. I question if the candidates promoting interbasin transfer have any access to feasibility studies that have been completed and/or if a full cost analysis has been performed relating to this project and/or any potential threat to the existing water supply or the quality of water in our region has been determined.

I want a Governor who asks why more than a few state employee salaries may be more than the President of the United States, the Governor of the State of Georgia or high ranking military officials who serves in our armed forces. I want a Governor who will examine state employee salaries to balance the needs of the hourly employees as well as salaried employees and place across the board pay freezes when necessary due to economic constraints.

I want a Governor who does not promote big government and more regulations. I want a Governor who will encourage businesses to partner with governmental entities to create innovative ideas to improve roadways, enhance transportation and resolve critical water issues.

I want a Governor who openly vows to enforce state and federal laws in the State of Georgia and protect the Constitution of the United States.

I want a Governor who vows to ease laws to help individuals adopt children for the State of Georgia is one of the toughest states in the United States to adopt children. I believe through the easing of adoption laws we could potentially decrease the need for abortions in our state if there are more loving homes available for a children.

At this particular time, Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine continues to gain momentum in the polls as one of the leading contenders for the Governor of the State of Georgia. Oxendine has proven he is experienced in making tough decisions, streamlining government operations and working within budgetary constraints.

After careful consideration, I decided to assist Oxendine’s campaign team in his bid for Governor of the State of Georgia. I believe Oxendine and I share many similiar goals for a wonderful place that I call home.

Please remember to do your homework before you vote!


Diane Livingston Strickland

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