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Remember the Ogeechee?
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Dear Editor


Hope it’s not too late for this to be relevant to the Liberty County sewage plant. We all remember back in the 90’s when they wanted to dump treated sewage into the beautiful Ogeechee River below Kings Ferry from Georgetown. We were told Don’t Worry, it won’t affect water quality. A river where I learned to swim a half a century ago and my children swam at is no longer fit to swim. Now after 12-15 years of TREATED sewage we have lost something that can’t be regained. It makes you wonder why Chatham Co. is spending all the money to build new restrooms when all the people that once came there won’t be there to use them. What about the fish caught there? Is it safe for all those people who fish on the dock to eat those fish? Is this what we have to look forward to on both sides of Bryan County? Too much bacteria to swim or eat the fish! How sad that some would sell out the natural resources for all of our counties rivers so cheaply!


Debra C. Cowart

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