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Adopt a soldier or knit a cap
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Dear Editor:


Our 3rd Infantry Division soldiers are beginning to board the planes for another stint in Iraq. When they come to the Adopt-a-Soldier table at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, we are offering them the option of taking a blank sign-up card for Adopt-a-Soldier with them to Iraq and Afghanistan. When they get settled in country they will know whether they have the time, the interest, or the computer access to connect with a sponsor. If so, they can then mail the completed card back to me. If you are interested in getting involved, please email me at Major General Cuculo, Commanding General of the 3rd ID, is very supportive of our effort.

If you like to knit, please get in touch with Ms. Sydney Butler at She is heading up an effort to knit wool helmet liners for our troops. She and her crew have already knit several hundred caps but there will be several thousand soldiers coming through Hunter. They seem to like the caps, so they are going fast. If you are willing to help, please get in touch with Sydney.

I hope we can assure our soldiers that we have not forgotten them now that the war in Iraq has cooled. They will be there for 12 long, lonely months.

Thanks for caring,


Carol Megathlin

3rd ID Adopt-a-Soldier Coordinator

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