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Letter to the editor: Writer has more to say on court ruling
Letter to the Editor generic


In the July 4th issue of The News, I wrote about the Supreme Court’s rulings pertaining to the Catholic church and anti-gay: “Shut it down”, I insisted, “if you can’t find the way out”, i.e., to get passed the homophobia.

The following is part two.

First, let me be clear: I am not anti-Church of Rome (having been trained Assemblies of God, neo-Pentecostal, I know what that is).

Nor am I opining on the Court; its current make-up, the justices, I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised. The majority are “conservative” Catholics, but they haven’t been one-hundred-percent “religious liberty” trumps all.

The argument I am making here is distinct from the Court. And I don’t care how ancient the Catholic Church is or how long they’ve been stuck in the proverbial mud. The Church of Rome, like every Christian denomination, needs reform; and only its congregation, its members, can make it happen. And it’ll take more than just its gay members, “raised Catholic”, turning their backs. To wit: the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is currently harassing President Biden about his support of abortion rights (funny how they don’t do the same with laypersons and commoners). I’ve read that most Catholics are Democrats. So, obviously, the Church would collapse if every supporter of abortion- rights was turned away; money, honey.

The collection plate would run dry. Every devoted Catholic who believes in LGBTQ rights should boycott, stay away from attendance; and stop giving; turn the tables and make the leadership listen and act.

The homophobia and anti- LGBTQ attitude no longer makes sense anyway and needs to go the way of racism. (If the Church continues barreling down this path as a political actor, we must tax them.) It’s like this: OK, fine, you can keep your ancient biblical prohibition regarding same sex love, but you must then also say that the American civil war was wrongly fought, that indeed, as the Apostle Paul insisted, “Slaves obey your masters.” We recognize the wrongheadedness of Paul’s assertion even though human-bondage is endorsed throughout the biblical text. As is, “women be silent” (Amy Coney Barrett, exit the Court, please ma’am).

And so much else.

But we mustn’t confuse ancient biblical social construct (slavery, subjugation of women, the sabbath rules, the prohibition on same-sex love, dietary restrictions, etc.) with eternal spiritual principles (sowing and reaping, loving one’s neighbor, do not judge, the Beatitudes, etc.). By God’s grace we overcome the former, and by that same grace, we live out the latter.

“Love one another.” Let it be.

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

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